Tantrum Time Membership

Break all month long without breaking the bank!

Our Tantrum Time Membership save you time and money so you can get to your destruction therapy faster!



4 Session per month

You Save $70!

($220 value)

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6 Session per month

You Save $130!

($330 value)



8 Session per month

You Save $140!

($440 value)

How Your Membership Works

AKA The Details

You and a Guest get a total of 10 minutes to smash, break and destroy a medium break box.

The memberships are prepaid and billed monthly. No more than one session per day.

They are nontransferable. Sessions do not rollover to the following month.


Short Fuze

How it works:

The room has an assorted and set amount of items to break and destroy.

These items are determined by what’s in stock and change often.

You’ll get to break:

A Small Box

Price: $40

*Disclaimer: Due to inventory constantly changing, we cannot guarantee specific items in the room.

Safety: This is demolition. Don’t forget to wear the correct clothes!

(Our cost includes Monterey County sales tax as well as a $7.50 disposal fee)