Mobile Parties

The Break Room is Opening in 2021!

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We Come To You.

The Break Room’s mobile unit brings “not so breakable items” to your child’s next birthday party!

We do balloons, soda cans, milk jugs, piñatas, things of that nature filled with paint and/or pancake mix. Aluminum trash cans and baking sheets (things that make a nice crunch sound)

We can add on tomatoes and watermelons for an extra fee.

We construct a 10x10x8 room (ideally on a flat surface).

We want the kids to be as safe as possible, while still feeling like they’re getting to smash things.

Each round is 90 seconds long or until they smash everything. 

We put around 15-20 items per child depending on age.


Designed for kids twelve and under only. 

A $50 non-refundable deposit is due to secure a spot.

DM on Facebook or Instagram if interested.

We are working on a full mobile room on a larger scale for adults. Stay Tuned!

Short Fuze

How it works:

The room has an assorted and set amount of items to break and destroy.

These items are determined by what’s in stock and change often.

You also have an additional:

10 glass items

1 medium item*

Time to break: 5 minutes
Price: $30

Disclaimer: Due to inventory constantly changing, we cannot guarantee specific items in the room.

Safety: This is demolition. Don’t forget to wear the correct clothes!

*medium items will normally be electrical items such as toasters or blender.
**large items will be items such as big-screen TVs, microwaves, printers, or computer monitors.