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The Break Room is Proud To Be the First Source of “Destruction Therapy” in the Entire 831.

Life can be tough. Bills, jerk bosses, crazy exes, wild kids… Sometimes there can seem like there’s no end to the madness and the stress just piles on to the point you just want to scream. We’re here for you…


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The Break Room!

Boss driving you crazy?

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The Break Room!
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Going through a breakup?

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The Break Room!

Just need some time to yourself?

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The Break Room!

The Break Room is founded on the knowledge that physical activity is a great way to work through the stress of life. If your job’s ever had a break room, you know it’s the place the employees can bitch and complain. It’s where some look for validation, community, and a place to process what’s happening for them.

The break room is also, well, where you get a break from your job. Here at The Break Room, we offer a break from life. We know, especially in 2020, life has not stopped with the curveballs out of the left-field, and for most of us, we no longer have our community of family and friends to act as our “Break Room” to help us cope and work through the frustrations of life.

Did you know the phrase “Blowing off some steam” comes from when train conductors had to release the steam build up so the whole engine would explode? Yea, it’s been hard to not explode at our kids, family, friends, or coworkers because of everything that’s happening. The Break Room is here as a constructive way to work through that stress in a physical and enjoyable way.

Short Fuze

How it works:

The room has an assorted and set amount of items to break and destroy.

These items are determined by what’s in stock and change often.

You also have an additional:

10 glass items

1 medium item*

Time to break: 5 minutes
Price: $30

Disclaimer: Due to inventory constantly changing, we cannot guarantee specific items in the room.

Safety: This is demolition. Don’t forget to wear the correct clothes!

*medium items will normally be electrical items such as toasters or blender.
**large items will be items such as big-screen TVs, microwaves, printers, or computer monitors.