Corporate Events

Let the stress of the
day-to-day grind go
while building connections.

Located on Lighthouse Avenue on the border of New Monterey and Pacific Grove, The Break Room is the perfect destination for your next corporate, team building, or company event!

Are you a cool supervisor (or at least think you are)? 

This is the way to give back to your team.

A lot of customer service/office stress? 

Let it go at The Break Room! 

Show those office printers what you are really made of and dump the fax machine like there is no tomorrow.

We provide everything you'll need:

Safety Gear:

  1. Helmet
  2. Gloves
  3. Jumpsuit
  4. Goggles
2 Break Rooms
Cornhole Toss

Table and Chair Rentals Available

Decoration Available

Restroom/Changing Room on site

Groups of 6 or more.

Request a Quote!

Thank you for hosting your next event with The Break Room!

Please answer a few questions for us and we will get back to you ASAP on the next steps!

*Mobile Parties require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for scheduling
*Private Group Events require a minimum of 48 hours notice
*Events are Customized depending on the number of attendants, duration, table/chair rentals, and package chosen.

Short Fuze

How it works:

The room has an assorted and set amount of items to break and destroy.

These items are determined by what’s in stock and change often.

You’ll get to break:

A Small Box

Price: $40

*Disclaimer: Due to inventory constantly changing, we cannot guarantee specific items in the room.

Safety: This is demolition. Don’t forget to wear the correct clothes!

(Our cost includes Monterey County sales tax as well as a $7.50 disposal fee)